Welcome to my blog!

I’m going to start with a brief introduction to our family followed with the kind of stuff you’re going to find here at “Keeping up with Jamie”.



My first fur baby is Pancake. Pancake is a springer spaniel crossed with a pug resulting in a very hyper, slightly odd looking, an incredibly cute little black puggle. She has a pretty constant smile due to a large under bite and her tail has started turning white since she was about 8 months old. She has a personality all of her own, she’s pretty well trained but still fairly naughty and mischievous.




She is defiantly hard to stay mad at, no matter what she always manages to brighten my day and I would be lost without her! She has recently had a phantom pregnancy and thinks our next fur baby is in fact hers.

Which brings us to …


Crumpet is our kitten and pancakes new best friend.¬†img_6842-jpg.jpegCrumpet was and still is the tiniest kitten, Defiantly the tiniest kitten I have ever seen take on a dog. Pancake was wary at first and slightly scared just because of her extreme lack of fear towards anything including her, she’d never been up close to a cat before and didn’t really know what to do with herself once she’d finished making a noise. Crumpet soon got adopted by her and now thinks she’s a dog. They sleep together, eat together, play together and Pancake is surprisingly gentle during play fights. Although Crumpet is small, cute and feisty she is unlike any cat I’ve had to pleasure of owning. She’s loving, affectionate and unbelievably¬†cute one minute and jumping on you claws out from the top of the curtain the next. Which makes her pretty perfect for our family, never a dull moment.




Drew is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and thankfully my other half, most days my better half but I’d say that alternates. He’d probably disagree as we normally do on most things but regardless of the occasional (or more often) difference of opinion, he’s still made for me. He’s made me see and understand the world differently and for that, I am forever grateful, Drew has changed me for the better and I hope I’ve also rubbed off on him. Since I met him we have spent every single day together and there isn’t a moment I don’t want to be with him. You’d probably think of me as one of those clingy girlfriends but if you find someone who can smile and take your day from zero to a hundred why would you not spend every possible moment with them? I say EVERY possible moment but he isn’t allowed in the kitchen so it’s every possible moment minus cooking. I couldn’t pin point the one thing that makes Drew the most wonderful person I’ve ever met but if I tried to list every little thing I’d never finish this post. He’s him and that’s perfect.


That just leaves me… Jamie. I’m twenty-two a bit of a neat freak and I like everything done my way. I’m by no means perfect but I like to think that I’m a compassionate, well rounded, kind person. Although as you can tell by the name I’m slightly corny and obsessed with the Kardashians! I love all aspects of art, I paint, draw, sew, crochet and I love poetry. I don’t eat dairy and very rarely eat meat although I will be going full vegan again in the near future. I feel very strongly about animals and the environment although I try not voice my views in a pushy way, more educate people on some things they didn’t and I didn’t previously know about the meat and dairy industry but I’m not quite sure how well I do with that. I Love animals and if it wasn’t for Drew we’d be currently living in a house with twenty-seven dogs, six cats, a pig and an alpaca. Although the house we’ve just bought does come with chickens!

Which brings me to what the main focus of my blog!

Doing up our new house! I’ll be documenting everything giving you tips, the do’s and don’ts we come across. Of course the best bit interior design and where to find everything, top quality and at the best prices! I’ve been getting the vision boards ready for each room! Although there is some demolition work that needs doing first. I’ll also be blogging on many other aspects of our life. Fashion and beauty, reviewing and finding the best products and where you can purchase them. Our new furry addition to the family coming next month! Cooking and baking as well as healthy alternatives to use in your recipes. Along with lots more! If you really want to see what else awaits on Keeping Up With Jamie you’ll have to follow my blog and see for yourself!