Date Night!






This weekend we went to Bubble Ice to try the bubble waffles and the rolled ice cream that has been taking over the internet!

First of all… WOW.

Not at all what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised! Parking was a bit of a pain but if you’re driving into a busy area on a Saturday night what do you expect really? So we parked the car and walked to Bubble Ice and the shop looks the part! There is colour, cake and candies EVERYWHERE you look. I especially liked the wall mural, that was a really cute touch as well as something good to look at while you wait.



It was pretty busy but I’ve waited twenty-two years to eat a bubble waffle, a line isn’t going to keep me away! We didn’t have to wait long but I was kinda caught off guard when we got to the front to order as it was my first time seeing the menu. I would have appreciated a menu prior to ordering, I suppose if it wasn’t a busy Saturday night the main menu would have been a lot more visible and accessible and the ordering concept wouldn’t have come as a shock.

I like the idea of the menu because you can pretty much have anything you want, great right! But I’d have liked the option for maybe two set waffles on the menu… I mean it was our first time going and you choose every element of everything, amazing I know but it’s your first look at the menu and you’re stood at the till like a stunned kid in a candy shop. Well, I was! I ended up with Drew ordering for me as I can’t make that many food related decision on the spot. I mean how can I pick what to eat in an appropriate amount of time when they have the option to top my waffle off with a cake slice? I think I would top everything in life off with a slice of cake if they had an option.

Oreo bubble waffle with ice cream and Nutella and cookies and cream rolled ice cream (you can see why he’s perfect right?!) was just heaven! I mean AMAZING like I could eat it forever.¬†Watching them make the ice cream on the little-frozen plate stations makes the wait a lot more enjoyable and you can really see the skill and technique that goes into each ice cream curl! Although I did wonder if they could do that with dairy free milk? A new menu option maybe, that is the only thing that could make the whole thing more perfect!

Overall it was delicious and I have recommended it to everyone I’ve seen since! Bubble Ice is the place to be and if you haven’t tried a bubble waffle you are missing out! Defiantly enjoyable and a cute date night idea, Thanks Bubble Ice! They also have new waffle pops coming soon that I can’t wait to try! Oh and don’t forget the cake!