Hair Mask Review

Like most of us, my hair is very important to me, I haven’t always done whats best for my hair and unfortunately it has suffered but I’ve been growing it out for the past year and I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made. It’s getting healthy again after being momentarily blonde/peach/peppermint green. My hairs in much better condition than it was but it still had a little way to go, so I thought what better way to be best friends with my hair again than hair masks!

Percy & Reed Overnight Recovery

This Mask you’re meant to put on at night and wash off in your morning bathroom routine. This I didn’t do, I applied the hair mask in the morning around 7 am and washed it off in the gym shower around 7 pm, so it was on my hair about twelve hours. It did feel amazing and it was nice to apply to my hair. It didn’t make my hands super sticky and I put quite a lot on as my hairs been bit dry recently. I don’t normally wash my hair daily but since me and Drew started the gym I have to, the change in routine had taken a lot of the softness away. The thing I really liked about this product was despite the amount of product in my hair it dried very natural, it got absorbed and was almost a bit damp looking (I had it tied back) but it wasn’t stuck to my head or have that over gelled hard shine look. It was comfortable all day and I was impressed, I rinsed it off with warm water and my hair was so unbelievably soft! I would defiantly use this hair mask again as something I could put in my hair and then throw it in a bobble without a greasy look, so I could keep it in all day and wash and blow my hair amazing before going out later on. I don’t like the thought of sleeping in it but if you were happy to do so you’d probably have perfect hair every morning!

Kueshi Shine & Volume 

Okay so this mask smelled UNBELIEVABLE, it was slightly sticky but I didn’t care because it smelled so nice! This mask you’re meant to leave on for three minutes, surprisingly I didn’t do that either! I applied the mask around 5 pm and washed it off around 7/8pm, again at the gym. So I’m not sure how much good it’d do in three minutes but if it was anything close to what it did to my hair its worth it and I would defiantly give it a try. I applied it the same as the previous mask and tied my hair up, it did look incredibly greasy. I was slightly embarrassed in the gym with how greasy my hair looked but once you start dripping with sweat and struggling to breathe you really don’t care. Neither does anybody else, although I would not wear this out the house again and if I did it would only be to the gym or maybe to walk the dog in a secluded area. The fact its bit more like a gel meant it kept my pony tail together and it did keep up my straggly bits that normally need a little help. I rinsed it off with warm water and let my hair dry naturally, anyone looking for extra volume should defiantly try this mask. My hair was so bouncy and full so imagine what you could do with a blow dryer! I would say I preferred this product, my hair felt in perfect condition immediately, it smelled amazing and best of all its cruelty-free! I loved this mask but with it looking so greasy I would probably try and leave it on overnight, even though the though of washing it out of my pillow cases is a painful one. Maybe use it for three minutes like is instructed and hope it still has the same wonderful effects!