Barbie X ​MissGuided!!

A few month ago I sold or gave away all of my clothes, I got rid of my full wardrobe (which was actually the second bedroom) and have spent since then dressed as my boyfriend. Luckily I work from home and I am a fan of T-shirt dresses and sweat pants, I had since been scouring the internet for clothes to fill my new empty wardrobe and decided that misguided was a must! Then the day after I had finally finished my bag and gone through the whole site and made my order something changed… BARBIE LAUNCHED.

Drew being the angel that he is bought me what he thought I’d like before it sold out. I was having a fairly stressful day and was having a bit of a sulk at work i.e. our living room when I got the post! You can imagine my excitement when he texted me to open it and it was all Barbie!! I love Barbie, I think she is iconic and the depression and anxiety videos she did were amazing! I think she’s perfect for all ages and who doesn’t love pink right?!

Black Petit Joggers and Black Cropped Hoodie

So the first thing I tried on and defiantly my favorite tracksuit I have ever owned! The pants are high waisted with a really thick waistband which I adore! It pulls you in and gives you a bit of curve, I hate that I don’t have hips but in these pants I do! I got petite as Drew didn’t know it was for girls five foot three and under, I’m five seven and I actually prefer them to the full-length ones as they look a bit cropped which I think fits the hoodie really well. They also have big pockets, I have an iPhones 7 Plus so big pockets are a must if I don’t want to go in my bag constantly or go out without a bag.

The hoodie sits at just the right height, it’s the perfect amount of crop. It’s short, it sits just above your pant waistline adding to that killer silhouette with that high waistband. You can wear it with jeans and show some skin but it not look super short and it has the essential quality a cropped hoodie/jumper needs which most lack… I can lift my arms up and move freely without flashing a titty. This is why I stopped purchasing anything cropped except bralette style tops but misguided have figured out the perfect level of cropped and its everything!


White Shorts and White Cropped Hoodie

Okay so these are the same as the track suit but shorts, I mean they’re exactly the same they’re fabulous and I love them! Oh, I also forgot to mention they have a good size hood too, not one of those hoodies that make you feel like ET. they’re super comfy and defiantly something you can lounge around the house in and also wear out. My only problem was as soon as I put them on I realized how badly I needed to tan and refused to leave the house in them until my new spray tan I ordered arrived! But if you’re already bronzed or don’t mind looking pale then I have absolutely no complaints! Even the labels are to die for!


Black Mesh Bodysuit


This is the only product I felt let down by and I did in fact send back. On the model I loved it! It was immediately my favorite thing on the site, but when I put it on the neck didn’t sit like it did in the pictures it was kinda loose.I also didn’t like that pretty much the whole body suit Barbie is printed upside down!! Turn the Fabric! I studied fashion and love making clothes and have no idea why they would cut it with the fabric this way if I’m going to wear black mesh covered in pink Barbie writing I want it readable. Overall it wasn’t very flattering when on and the neck totally didn’t work for me, I think it needed to be bit higher and tighter to even look like the picture. But regardless of those things I would of probably still kept it if the writing was the right way round and just styled it to make it more flattering, Because I do love the idea of it it’s just a shame a little more thought wasn’t put in.

Gold Choker

Ending on a high note with this beauty! This is my all time favorite! This reminded me of being in high school and being beyond jealous and obsessed with Nicki Minaj Barbie gold hoop earrings except this is more me if that’s even possible! The only necklaces I wear with the odd exception are chokers, they’re all I remember my mum wearing when I was little and I couldn’t wait to be old enough to have one too. I think everyone has those little things that they’ll always love because their mum does. Except I love gold chains and Barbie a hell of a love more than my mum, a gold chain Barbie choker is just everything and I never want to take it off! I just need big gold Barbie hoops and my life is complete. I now can’t find this necklace on the website to link the heading like with the other items so keep your eye out and if you love it as much as me message Missguided!