Lip Fillers


Something I get asked about a lot is lip fillers, I’ve been having my lips done for about two years. My lips were never small but I always wanted them bigger and they definitely give me a confidence boost. I get my lips done between every four/five months. I have 1mil of  Juvederm. The first time I got them done I got 0.5mil but I got another 0.5mil put in a week later as it just wasn’t enough of a noticeable difference for me to be happy with and I any toying with the idea of going up to 1.5m.

Before I had them done (over drawn)/Straight after having them done

Before I stopped drinking and quit smoking they would bleed a lot and bruise really badly but alcohol thins your blood and now I don’t do any of that stuff they don’t bruise and I only get the odd drop of blood. I normally get 1m spread across all of my lips but this time I only got the middle done as I wanted my lips slightly less naturally bigger and a lot poutier. I would defiantly recommend starting out small and gradually going bigger to see what size you’re happy with although they don’t last forever and can be made smaller so don’t worry if you go a bit too far.

Before you get your lips done they’ll clean your lips and remove any makeup from that area with a pad, you’ll then be given numbing cream to rub on your lips and you will wait till it’s numb. It doesn’t take very long and depending on your pain tolerance its a pinch really, your cupids bow is the most painful place and is more of a sharp pinch. They have just brought out this vibrating tool that they’ll put on your face as they inject you to give you something else to concentrate on and distract you from the pain. I honestly don’t use that as I don’t think its painful enough to need it but I did try it once.

Day 1, The morning after

Your lips will be swollen from immediately having them done, they’re numb for about fifteen twenty minutes and they’ll probably feel a little strange. the next day they’ll be very swollen when I wake up the first thing I notice the day after getting them done is my lips they’re always very very swollen the day after. I normally feel a bit silly the day after as my lips feel so big and are. that is just for a day though they tend to be a bit swollen until day three, after day three you can massage any lumps that may have settled out of your lips (you will get shown how to do this) and after that, you will have the lips you’ve always dreamed of!

I get my fillers put in by a nurse who has been fully trained and does filler and botox in her spare time from a salon, I wouldn’t recommend getting fillers put in from anyone who isn’t a trained nurse, they could work in a salon and have done a course in fillers and be fully licensed but a nurse has a lot more medical experience and it keeps the risks to a minimum. you don’t want to be a lip filler horror story! I have had filler collect in a pocket in my lip resulting in a lump but these can be dissolved with another injection or will naturally break down with the rest of you filler as they only last around four months.

My Final results/ Day 4


If you have any filler questions ask me in the comments!