Our New Addition!

We had an eventful weekend!

Recently with selling our house and buying the new house, moving again for the third time in the past twelve months as excited as we are is stressful. Nothing makes me feel better than having a purpose, being busy and having someone to look after so….  I got a new baby! having a naughty kitten, Pancake, Drew and soon four chickens clearly want enough for me so we now have… MUFFIN!

Muffin is our nine-week old Italian greyhound puppy and my new little baby. Which Sunday Drew very kindly did a five-hour round trip for me to pick up.  I Love her she’s settled in well, Pancake is a little jealous and growly occasionally but she lets Muffin sleep with her so she doesn’t cry at night, I’m sure they’ll soon be best friends. Especially when she’s a bit bigger and they can go on long walks and have a proper play seeing as Muffins still very sleepy.

Crumpet loves her because they’re both exactly the same size so they can properly play with each other, I’m pretty sure muffin thinks crumpets another puppy. They tire each other out and then sleep the day away. She’s lovely and I’m so happy to have her!

So meet muffin our new baby!