Set Backs​!

I’m sorry for the delay in posting! I know it’s been a while…

We have hit a number of delays in the current lives of Drew and Jamie!

First of all, I have been incredibly ill! I’m normally quite good at being ill but I have been incredibly tired and cold. everything drains me and everything makes me sick! So apart from under the new ‘living room duvet’ I have stolen from the spear bedroom where have we been…


House hunting!

Hopefully, you read my introductory post about my blog and all the things it should entail, in this, I mention the purchasing of our new house. The lovely cottage with everything we ever wanted, the chickens and the pound and UGH EVERYTHING! Well, everything was going through and we were just waiting on the valuation, turns out my dream house was not worth what we thought… Actually, sixteen thousand pounds less and the vendors were not happy to budge, after the house being put back on the market and lots of phone calls I finally got the full valuation sent to me, it wasn’t good. The vendors eventually agreed to a lower price but weren’t prepared to get the damp treated before progressing with the sale so here we are. On a house hunt. Again… But we have seen quite a few lovley houses that we think have pertental to be somthing amazing. We are currently craming as many viewings in as possible as the sale of our current house is still proceeding so we want to move forward as quickly as possible to minimise the amount of time we may have to stay somewhere which isn’t the easiest with a cat and two dogs!


I have also been writing some posts that will be published at a later date so stay tuned!