I’m Pregnant!

Not long after being with Drew we did have the kids conversation, at first we were very optimistic about trying to conceive and we took all the vitamins and read everything I even bought a clear blue advanced fertility monitor, they are really good, click here to be redirected! we did everything it said and I read all the stories of everyone getting pregnant right away, we even to America. My sister told my mum and I then got daily calls asking if id peed on the stick which got slightly annoying after it still not happening! We both started feeling the stress and decided to stop and focus on ourselves and moving.

We had already quit smoking weed and quit drinking but we both still smoked, we quit smoking which was hard but the best thing we’ve done and 100% I think why we got pregnant. We got back to healthy vegan eating and spent nights watching documentaries and I read a lot about positive thinking and positive energy. I put not conciving down to the damage id already done to my body through having an eating disorder, as a result of the damage I’ve done I already have really painfull periods and can get pretty sick at that time. It can be a week before im due and I get really intence stabbing pains, nausia and do I get mood swings! When I started getting belly aches and feling sick and tiered I put it down to bein due on my period but then I realised I was already a week late.

I thought and said to Drew even though we both want a baby, I mean I’ve always wanted one more than anything with moving house the dogs work, solistors fees all the current stress and just everything this would be the worst time, so knowing our luck I probably am Pregnant. We waited another week before doing a test, and then four more and we are happy to announce that we are having a bambino!


I was the happiest I think I’ve ever been I could not stop smiling, which lasted about two days… As I’m writing this we are on week eight and for the past four weeks I have felt the worst I’ve ever felt in my life, I do not know how my mum has done this three times and not living in bed murdering anyone that asked her to do anything, doing this alone with two kids she definitely deserves a medal! Luckily I have Drew! He’s a godsend but god do I feel guilty. The house is never clean I can’t stand up long enough to cook without feeling weak and dizzy and throwing up, I wake up all night with a hot belly, Its what not eating felt like that constant burning heartburn in your stomach. There hasn’t been a day yet I’ve not woke up because I felt sick, smells make me sick, the thought of food makes me sick, brushing my teeth is a guaranteed vomit. I don’t even manage to brush my hair most days, only the days we view houses. A diet of bran cereal, plain pasta, and plain crisp is currently all I can keep down apart from two days this month I’ve managed a takeaway which was regretted massively the day after, don’t even get me started on constipation because these are all the side effects and warnings that should get printed next to every picture of a cute baby!

I’ve already picked names and my first midwife appointment is tomorrow, I will keep writing posts and post them at twelve weeks when we tell our parents! wishing for my second trimester!