Pregnancy Cravings!

In the early weeks of my pregnancy I couldn’t really eat anything, I was super ill and I spent most of my time lay on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself and I had absolutely no appetite. The only thing I could stomach was ready salted crisps and I had to add extra salt, everything turned into salt and shake.

After that when I could stomach food again all I wanted was something unbelievably spicy! I ended up getting super spicy instant noodles from the Chinese cash and carry and eating like seven packs a day curtesy of Drew who is quite happy to go buy me whatever food I want to stop me moaning. All the spicy food convinced me we were having a boy. We’re not, we had a gender scan the day I turned 15 weeks so we’ve know for a while she’s a girl it was a massive surprise and an overall lovely experience the day fell on our 1 year anniversary so it was a cute day. it was just nice to see her on a screen that wasn’t in the hospital. I also ate A LOT of popcorn and ice pops, ice pops were a life saver for helping me keep things down and not throw up every second of the day!

Since then I’ve been trying to eat healthy and not put to much weight on, I’ve tried not to let myself get carried away with the ‘eating for two’ as I aim to be back to a size six/eight after she’s born and I’m also trying to avoid stretch marks as much as possible! Obviously what’s most important is the baby’s health but if I can keep my weight gain down and both of us healthy that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve been prepping all my fruit and putting them in the freeze in bags so my smoothies are ready for the week and just need to be blended in the morning. Porridge or hummus are my go to snacks although I have been craving salt and vinegar and that burning feeling your mouth gets when you eat to much. So I have also eaten a huge amount of salt and vinegar rice cakes!

Despite my attempts to stay skinny everyone keeps telling me I’m huge and I can no longer put my socks on in less than forty minutes without needing assistance.. Drew said he thinks my legs look thinner than before I was pregnant and I haven’t put weight on anywhere apart from looking like I’m shoplifting a watermelon and my boobs going from a 32A to a 36D in a very short amount of time. So I’m happy with that, even if I now have to wear a bra which I’ve managed not to do for 22 years of my life and can hopefully do without again in the future!

I have been told that from 7months is the biggest weight gain and I have noticed an increase in appetite the past few weeks so not getting to much bigger may be wishful thinking!

I’m 28 weeks tomorrow and going for my growth scan so we’ll find out if the watermelon is her or me! It’s kinda a loose loose situation as it’s either me and I’ve got to loose it after or it’s her and I’ve got to push it out! But either way I’m excited to see our little blessing.