Valentines Day! ❤️

Okay so I’m a little late with my Valentine’s Day post but I’m normally late for everything anyway so no change there!

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to do nothing which was perfect. The amount of money we’re spending on doing the house up before the baby arrives and all the baby things we have to buy to it seemed a bit silly to go all out when we show each other we love each other every day anyway.

I’m a rather affectionate person anyway and generally need a fair bit of attention so I tell him I love him and hug him every ten minutes and we already do everything together. The worst thing about being pregnant is that we no longer fit in the bath together because I pretty much am the bath… We know how much we love each other and that shouldn’t just be about presents (although he did get me one and flowers) so we decided to do nothing so we can spend money on what’s important. I mean it’s only just been Christmas, we’ve moved house and it’s his birthday next month anyway. Plus he’s already given me the precious gift he could which is himself and our baby.

So after that very long intro, I decided to give you my Valentine’s Day makeup look!


Foundation: Fenty beauty pro filter in shade 200

Concealer: Fenty beauty match stix in shade linen

Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit in light

Bronzer: Top Shop in shade salute

Blush: Milani in blossom rose

Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills moon child pallet


Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in ebony.

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer in dark brown

Eyeshadow: Kylie Cosmetics royal peach pallet shade sorbet and peachy

Liner: NYX vinyl liquid liner in black

Lashes: Unicorn lashes in everlong

Bottom lashes: cut up lashes mix


Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics holiday lip kit in Red velvet

Liner: Kylie Cosmetics holiday lip kit in Red velvet

Sorry for the lack of pictures but my makeup didn’t stay on very long ever with urban decay setting spray! Which is a godsend by the way! I put my highlighter over the top and it makes it GLOW!

Also, the featured image is of my vegan sugar cookies I made Drew for Valentines Day but he ate them before I got a picture so I’ll be remaking them and putting the recipe up this weekend!