Moonstone Magic!

Drew got me a surprise for Valentine’s Day that got delivered a few days late with it coming from overseas. I could tell he was disappointed it wasn’t here and he left me a clue in my card to guess what it was which I was awful at and didn’t guess.

The parcel arrived Saturday morning and Drew nipped to the shop to get some milk and butter (vegan) so I could open it on my own. I get really embarrassed and tend to under-react in most situations which makes me come off unintentionally rude so I tend to open everything in private if possible.

He got me a beautiful necklace and ring from Moonstone Magic, I look through there site all the time and there are so many lovely pieces. I feel a real connection with the moon and I always have, I am a moon child. The moonstone is meant to uplift you and be good for your soul and your spirit but they also offer protection through childbirth which is why I wanted one before our daughters born.


He got me the crescent moon necklace which is now sold out, it’s a beautiful silver crescent moon with a moonstone in the centre. I absolutely love it and it’s going to go with my whole summer look perfectly! I love that we’re having a baby but I have been planning what I can wear and what she can wear for the past seven months! It sits nicely on and I don’t even know I’m wearing it, it’s not like some necklaces with a larger pendant where they bang on your chest constantly reminding you they’re there. The pictures really don’t do it justice!



Anyone who knows me knows I love rings! They’re my go-to jewellery! I’ve always worn a lot of rings but once I get one with meaning it never comes off my finger. This is another one that won’t be being taken off. It’s a twisted silver band with a rainbow moonstone, it’s perfect. He amazes me that he knows me so well. Well, I have shown him a LOT of engagement rings so he should have an idea of what I like, regardless my boy did good! It also fits perfectly, I have skinny fingers and so ring sizes are hard and I always have to try things on.


He did amazing and I’m so grateful, moonstone magic has now changed their name to moon magic because they have started selling some other gemstones on their site They also plant a tree for every item sold (which was my clue). I feel very strongly about nature and the environment and trees. We have to do everything we can to save the trees and keep this planet beautiful and safe, any company that is doing there bit to help I would recommend. Between the quality, how beautiful the products are and that they plant a tree for every item sold I cannot recommend moon magic enough! Please follow the link to check out there site!