Growth Scans

Okay so the last time I posted was a while ago I know! I was ment to keep you all updated with the growth scans and how things were going but getting everything ready and still working full time got away with me! But I am finally going on maternity leave!

The hospital said I had to much water around the baby it should be anything under 8 and I had 9.5 which freaked me out a little as there was so many causes and it could or could not of been nothing. We had to go back for another scan four weeks later and my waters had gone down to 7 so they said everything was fine but I had to go in for a glucose tolerance test to see if I’d got prenatal diabetes and carry on getting scanned every four weeks.

My tests came back fine although it wasn’t a nice experience, I’ve had unbelievable heart burn since fairly early on and I couldn’t eat or drink anything from 10 the night before which did NOT help with my heart burn or sickness. I got to the hospital for 9 waited around for a while and they took my bloods. I had thirty minutes to drink an orange pouch drink that was pretty much pure sugar. I then had to sit and wait for two hours which was beyond boring as I was on my own dying of heart burn, hungry and dehydration but I plodded on. Drew ended up having to go to Liverpool for work and took longer getting back than we expected. They took my bloods again and I was done for around half 12 but I then had to wait around an hour for Drew to collect me so by this point I was ready to chew the dry wall and was slightly uncomfortable with all the staff looking at me.

They said if I didn’t hear anything in a week everything was fine, then about two/three weeks later I got a letter saying I was animeic and had to take two tablets a day with a prescription attached. Apart from that everything was fine but they still continued to scan me four weekly and every time I’ve been no one seems to know why, I haven’t complained because scans are EXPENSIVE and I like seeing our lil jelly bean! Although it was a little unnerving having to go to the hospital all the time.

Plus we’ve got loads of scan pictures which I’m going to get painted in watercolors and framed. Although the scans did make me a little uneasy I’d say that anyone with extra water or having growth scans don’t sit and read the nhs website! They have a list of every possible cause and you’ll just sit and worry about everything to be told it’s fine, if there’s a problem they’ll tell you but it’s most likely just a precaution and your baby is fine! It’s now the day before my due date and I’m so ready for her to be here and to have my body back! Hopefully in the next few days our little new addition is here!