Due Date!

I can’t not believe that today is my due date! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far and she’s not here! I am absolutely huge and EVERYTHING hurts!

Anyone thinking of having a baby here are some things that no one told me would happen! I have over separated hips and have for a while which is incredibly painful and I did not know were a thing! Even trying to roll over in bed my hips make this awful cracking/clicking noise of going in and out of place and it’s so hard to move. Ive also got a trapped nerve so when i move my left leg or put any weight on it I want to cry, which as you can imagine makes walking very hard, painful and uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to walk round to kick start labour but so far all I’ve gotten is a limp and laughed at by Drew.

Now with the baby being so low she only has to roll over or kick a certain way and I need the toilet I’m 3seconds. I mean 3seconds I’ve kicked Drew out the bath a few times now! I did not know that piles are pretty much a given with pregnancy throughout and that as it goes on your bodily function become no longer your own, just like your body! I think I’ve done fairly well at trying to keep control of everything apart from when my hay fever got bad and sneezing and peeing because a thing… Her head also keep pressing on the never in the front of my crotch resulting in a sharp kind of burning almost splitting pain. Honestly didn’t know so many things could hurt so bad with so little actually happening!

I’m still throwing up daily but after ten months I’ve kind of got used to it! It’s not enjoyable but it’s no longer the worst thing like it was at the beginning and I know it’s so close to being over! The worst thing is defiantly how hard and painful it is to move at the moment. I would quit happily opt for going into labour now and taking all the pain and just knowing it’s going to be over soon rather than waiting and still being in pain with everything.

I go in for a sweep on the 15th if I haven’t gone into labour (which I hope I have!) yet so at least I can hope that something will happen then if it hasn’t already! I can honestly say as uncomfortable as I currently am and as hard as the past ten months have been and labour is going to be everything is going to be so worth it in such a little while when we get to meet our baby girl! I’m beyond excited and just want her here now!