Goodbye Bump!

I am three days over our due date and going in for a sweep tomorrow, I started having contractions Friday night (my due date) and had them all day Saturday getting progressively worse and then around ten o’clock at night they just stopped and sunday was totally uneventful! It’s now Monday and I can’t believe she’s still not here.

I’m hoping seeing as I’ve had Braxton Hicks contractions for a week or two and then had real contractions that when I go for the sweep tomorrow my cervix should be soft and I should go in to labour or better yet they’ll brake my waters but we’ll see!

I am a little sad to say goodbye to being pregnant though! Something I never thought I’d say! I was so excited to be pregnant and then I was so ill the whole way though and it was just nothing like I’d thought it would be. I was so disappointed and felt kind of cheated that I’d looked forward to this experience for so long and it just wasn’t what I expected. It made me feel bad that I was so ready for it to be over and to have my body back and to not be in pain all the time. I thought it was gona be nine months of cute bump outfits and maternity leave which it obviously hasn’t been.

But now knowing we’re going to meet our little girl so soon and that my bumps going to be gone and there’s not going to be any little feet kicking my insides anymore is making me a little sad, I just wanted it to be over and now it is I’m a little scared to let it go and for her not just to be mine anymore.

I’m so so SO excited to hopefully go into labour tomorrow and meet our little girl and to feel myself again and just get the last worst bit of the pain out the way but still sad to not be pregnant anymore and say goodbye bump! I won’t be saying goodbye for too long hopefully though.