Being Induced

So I had an appointment to be induced at 8:30am this morning (May 22nd) from what the midwife had told us they put you on a drip which starts your labour. So I assumed we’d be in in the morning, on the drip and have our baby girl today!

But so far I’m wrong, I had to be hooked up to a monitor for half an hour to check the baby’s heart rate. They were happy with her movement and heart rate so they said that they would insert a pessary as close to my cervix as possible and leave it in for up to 24 hours, hopefully within the 24 hours my cervix would soften enough to brake my waters. They said by 9am tomorrow if nothing had changed they would start labour or if the pessary works and my contractions start to let the midwife know when they’re five minutes apart. I’m assuming that’s they’ll give me the drip the midwife has mentioned tomorrow if nothings happened.

They let you walk around the grounds but you’re not allowed to leave the hospital, they recommend walking to help start things off so we went for a walk. Well we walked to the car because I’d forgot my rennies and then we walked to the hospital shop and bought some snacks. Even though we’ve brought a bag full of snacks but really there’s not much to do except eat and walk to get more food to eat. So me and drew are just lay together in my hospital bed (just) eating and snuggling.

The ward I’m currently on doesn’t allow your birthing partner or spouse to stay past 8:30pm so if nothing happens by then Drew will have to go home and come back in the morning which I’m not happy about. I’ve slept a maximum of three nights without Drew pretty much since we met, once because he went out with his friends and got drunk and passed out on their sofa and the other two when one of us had stormed off to the sofa after a fight. I absolutely hate sleeping on my own and never sleep when he’s not with me which means if I have to spend the night alone I will be going into labour very very tired.


my contractions have started now and I’ve been timing them since they started getting painful, the midwife said once the contractions got to every five minutes they’d examine me again and see how many cm I was and if they could brake my waters. My contractions had gone to every two minutes and the time is around 10pm, Drew is still with me as we’ve been waiting over two hours for the midwife to come see me. Hopefully someone will come check soon, Drew’s getting a bit restless but I think they’ll let him stay with me as something is defiantly happening!


The midwife finally came and she was now the midwife who was on the night shift so not the one I’d dealt with in the day. She said they wouldn’t examine me till the pessary had been in 24 hours and that it can take up to three days from the pessary to the arrival of the baby and that a lot of people just get pains from the pessary and from looking at me I wasn’t in enough pain for me to be going into or be in labour. I asked about my contractions getting stronger and being so close together and for someone to examine me but she said we wouldn’t do anything till 9am the next day and offered me some paracetamol. She sent Drew home saying there was no chance of a baby till tomorrow.

Once her and Drew left I sat on my bed and cried, I felt so ignored and alone. The woman across from me had had her pessary at 1pm and been taken down to labour ward after being examined of the day midwife. I didn’t think it was fair that just because I wasn’t screaming like the other lady I was being left, people have different pain tolerances and they tell you to go to hospital when your contractions are five minutes apart so why when I’m having sting contractions every two minutes am I sat on my own? At around eleven my contractions were to strong for me to sit down and I kept going sitting in the bathroom crying so I didn’t wake the other people in my room. At around twelve I went to the desk because I couldn’t sit down and the pain was unbearable, a lady came in and gave me some paracetamol but the midwife still didn’t come and examine me.

At around half twelve maybe one the midwife same in to monitor the lady in the bed next to me and popped her head round my curtain after hearing me trying to breath/cry through constant contractions. She came in and watched me for about ten minutes and said she was going to put me on a monitor because my contractions were very strong and there wasn’t enough time in between them for me to catch my breath so I was going really light headed and sick. She came back after ten/fifteen minutes with a monitor and left me with it on for anything from ten minutes to half an hour I couldn’t really tell you as I was I so much pain by this point.

They took me off the monitor as I needed to pee and I would of wet myself with the contractions, so I hurried off to the toilet which was luckily right near my room and when I came back I heard the midwife at reception asking them to call a doctors as my contractions were really strong. They put me back on the monitor and a doctor came to look at my contractions, they examined me and I was 6cm dilated! The midwife told me to get my stuff together and to ring Drew to come back to the hospital. I packed all my stuff up with the help of a receptionist and the lady who came from labour ward to collect me and I rang my mum and drew to come to the hospital!