Postpartum Week One

Week 1

My back pain is unbearable, walking, moving, sitting, everything is hard! I thought she’d come out and I’d be back to normal but I was very wrong! I still look pregnant and I can’t believe how much blood there is and how painful it is to pee! I’ve been drinking lots of water to dilute it as much as possible and on days when it’s really painful I’ve resorted to peeing in the bath. Although it’s hard because I don’t get much notice that I need to pee and I can no longer hold it in and peeing yourself hurts!

Luckily the maternity pads are practically a nappy so no one notices but there are times I don’t have time to run the bath and I physically shake with how painful it is to pee but I did have A LOT of stitches. I have to change my pad every two hours because there is so much blood and no one mentioned the massive blood clots that you feel fall out of you like a lump of jelly, gross I know. I can’t get up or out of a chair on my own and there’s been a few times Drew’s had to carry our beautiful lil baby down stairs for me as my legs have given way due to her being sat on my static nerve when she was still in my tummy.

Breast feeding I’ve found very easy as far as getting her to latch on properly and feeding but my nipples hurt so much and nipple cream is saving my life but I’m told it’ll get better soon! Most babies loose weight the first week but our little baba hasn’t lost any!

By the end of the week my belly has gone down significantly! The first picture was around 10am the day she was born so six hours after the birth and the second picture was a week later!

Everyone coming round to see her is very overwhelming and I’m super tiered but everything is so worth it she’s an angel and I don’t want this post to come across negatively but I just wanted to be honest about how hard it is on your body, the first week of being a mum has been amazing but body wise it’s not what I expected and I didn’t read anything while pregnant that would have prepared me for how painful and hard it was going to be!