Postpartum Week Two

Week 2

The second week is pretty much the same as the first, our little baby is beautiful and I love being a mum but I’m still in constant pain.

I’m having salt baths once a day to help the pain and healing, I’m still to scared to look or touch anything. I’m finding it really hard to sit and get in and out of bed at the moment which is probably the hardest thing, lucky for me we have a very sleepy baby so I’ve been able to lie down on the sofa with her. I can only sit down for so long which is one of the main problems which lots of visitors. I’ve been trying to make meals and keep the house clean as Drew has gone back to work now but I can’t stand up very long either with my back, I’ve been wearing heat pads just to be able to walk at all. I end up doing half the washing up and lying down for a brake and then carrying on, but with lots of brakes I seem to be doing okay. I’ve also been using Multi-Gyn maternity compress to make it bearable to do anything! You get a box full of sachets for use twice a day, you open the sachet and put the strip in your knickers. I do think every morning and then in the evening. My mum bought them for me of Amazon after doing some research online and I’m so thankful! I can’t recommend them enough!

My nipples have been unbearable, even though my munchkin doesn’t like the nipple cream I have been putting it huge blobs on my breast pads and it has really helped! Just remember to wipe your nipples before feeding! It hasn’t stopped our little one putting weight on though she’s out on double the standard amount and is now 7 pound 11 ounces!

My tummy is slowly but surely still going down although my belly button is refusing to go back in! I can’t remember if I mentioned it in last weeks post but as your uterus and various other things move back into the right place your have contractions still the first few days were really painful and I got them while breastfeeding but now they’re not painful I can just feel my stomach contracting and like a pushing feeling.