Postpartum Week Three

Week 3

Okay so I’ve got a bit carried away doing mum things and obsessing over my little girl so I’m just going to have to tell you what I remember from week three!

Week three was the best week by far! I’d gotten into the swing of things and was fairly confident doing everything on my own, my back was slightly better, my nipples no longer hurt and my vasheen was feeling so so so much better! I was able to walk a lot better, breast feed easily and sit up and get out of bed without being in unbeilable pain.

I’d say to anyone pregnant wondering what it’s like having a baby, is a bit nervous or has even had a baby and can’t believe how hard it is, just wait for week three and you’ll feel SO much better! It’s the week that reassures you.

Hormones are still everywhere and I think dads are a little lost at first, it’s not what they expect and what’s expected from them in the relationship changes so there is a bit of an adjustment period. I can’t say that it isn’t hard, it is hard. Just bare in mind that it’s hard for everyone and have faith you’ll all find your place in time. Remember bad moods pass but your words stay, focus on your bundle of joy.

Stay happy and loving and as busy as you are make sure you eat good food for you and your baby! I know it’s hard to not just watch your cute little baby sleep but try go to sleep to because they will wake up!